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      "Smoldering" Bob Hughes - Guitar and Vocals

Upon being introduced to the Zink Alloy experience, Bob has been ecstatic about the great attitude shared by all of the members of Zink Alloy. It's so very simple: Have Fun! There are no ego trips. No slacking. No whining. Just a group of guys playing great tunes the best they can... and having fun!

Bob cut his musical teeth on guitar in 1977, with classic rock hits from Alice Cooper, Sabbath, and Skynyrd. Various garage bands later, he found himself involved in an R.I. band named Marci and the Stone Crushers, playing mainly original music with a Rolling Stones flare.

From there, Bob was part of quite a few bands, ranging from top 40/pop to heavy rock. His recent stint with a Rockin' R&B band had him playing guitar and keyboards, and singing a few tunes. It was almost fun :)

In November of 2003, after a call from his high school friend ( Chris ), Bob sat in with Zink Alloy for a few tunes. As chance had it, Bill Zink was in the process of taking Florida by storm with his awesome solo act, and, knowing a good thing when he sees it, Bob endeavored to fill in for ZA's remaining gigs. One gig has led to another and now, Zink Alloy continues to rock, playing at clubs and parties across RI.

Bob lives in North Providence with his two kids. His days are spent working as an Engineering Manager at Picor, a local Integrated Circuits Company.



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