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     Chris Rao - Drums    

Pictured here at a private party this past summer, Chris never misses a beat -- even when extreme temperatures threaten band and guests alike with heat stroke!The Zen of music, according to Zink Alloy drummer, Chris Rao, is to be working in a band where all the members get along with each other. And, in Zink Alloy, he says, he has found that Zen.

Chris' respect for his fellow band members is returned to him three-fold as he provides the band with its very heartbeat. Described as a "meat and potatoes" drummer by his fellow band-mates, Chris Rao has an instinctive talent for providing just the right beat and driving force for a song -- whether Zink Alloy drummer, Chris Rao, is the driving force behind Zink Alloy with his "meat and potatoes" style.he's heard it before or not. On the originals, he provides a perfectly timed percussion level that requires no further modification.

Chris' incredible talent was put to work early when he began playing the drums at the age of 5. He says he was largely influenced throughout his childhood by the thumping, booming style of Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham. A self-described rocker at heart, Chris says he started out -- as most musicians do -- with the goal of becoming a rock and roll superstar.

However, life tends to get in the way of the best-laid plans, and Chris opted instead to explore his local musical options, first joining the rockin jump blues band The Rhythm Rockers . He then stayed mainly with the blues/rock genre as he moved on to Stormin' Norman & The Hurricanes. Spending the next five years with soul jazz-based George Thomas Band and the Acme Trucking Company, adding in a rock and roll beat wherever he could fit it in.

It took a little arm twisting, but we were finally able to convince Chris to ham it up a little for the camera at Zink Alloy's debut performance at Kim Holly's Bar & Grille in Coventry.Chris Rao,is the youngest member of Zink Alloy and has a wife, Krissy. The couple resides in North Providence, RI, where they are raising their two children. By day, Chris works as a Network Administrator, keeping the computers at Orion rocking and rolling.




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